History of the Cowlitz County Peace Officer

Cowlitz County has had a colorful history. Through it all, the Peace Officer has always been there. From the first Sheriff who who had to perform a public hanging to the deputies who had to corral a maurading elephant. Join me as I gather the facts and true stories that describe the journey of the law enforcement officer in Cowlitz County from 1854 through today.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Then and Now

If you missed it, here is the podcast from the radio program I appeared on "Then and Now" hosted by Deborah Stopper. Deborah asked me to come and talk about law enforcment history in September. The first time I wasn't very well prepared but it wasn't bad.

Then and Now Sept 4th


Then and Now October 30th

Here is the second time I was on the show. This time I told the story of "The Elephant, The Photographer, and the Sheriff", Roy Gardner, and some on the hangings.



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